Training Videos

The following training videos will help you build your FITTEAM business. Click the  +  icon next to each title to see videos. When playing the video, to expand the video full screen, click the      icon in the lower right.

EVO Training // Part 1
EVO Training // Part 2
EVO Training // Part 3
3 for Free
3-Way Calls
Scheduling 3-Way Calls
Success Cycle
Time Management
Flipping the Chart
Scheduling Opportunity Overviews
Relationship Building
Money Talk
Don't Wait to Share
Sharing All Products
Sharing Your Story
Share with Questions
Importance of National Events
Video Testimonials
Simple Answers
Recruiting Up
Leave Your House
It's a Lifestyle
Get Your Family Involved
Building Rapport
Following Up
Having Urgency
Knowledge is Power
Being Coachable
Conflict Resolution
Overcoming Rejection
Compensation Plan